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( ) 1. A. bear B. there C. hear D. pear

( ) 2. A. ready   B. nineteen C. heavyD. sweater

( ) 3. A. word B. doctor C. worker   D. forty

( ) 4. A. their B. thanks C. brother  D. this

( ) 5. A. bags B. hens C. maps D. farmers( ) 6. A. cool B. goose  C. school   D. good


( )1. bike mine( )2. nose long( )3. much museum( )4. left desk( )5. hand make( ) loud


1.cold (反义词)________________2.big(比较级) 形式)______________4.long(反义词)复数形式)_____________6.tomato (复数) ____________7.your (名词性物主代词) ______8. watch(过去式) ____________9.wear(同音词) _______________10.see(过去式)_______________


( ) 1. The sun is ______ than the earth (地球)。

A. bigB. biggerC. smallD. smaller

( )2. The students ______ their homework every day.Now they _______ their homework.

A. do, doB. does, doingC. doing, are doingD. do, are doing

( ) 3.Whats the date today?

A.Monday.B.May 1st .C.Its clouldy.D.7:00

( ) 4. What are the students doing?

Some______ books and others ______ at the blackboard.

A. are looking, are readingB. are reading, are watchingC. are watching, are lookingD. are reading, are looking

( ) 5. Can you help me with my English ?

A.I think.B. Sure.C. I can't think so.D. No, thanks

( )6. One of the boys_____ my brother.

A. isB. areC. amD. be

( )7. We _______ books last night.

A. readB. readsC . readed

( )8.Im going to _______ my grandma this weekend.


( )9. When did you eat lunch _______ ?


( )10.What does Miss White do?

A.She likes English.B.Shes a actor.C. Shes an actor.

( )11. Would you like____ the football match?

A. to watchB. to seeC. watchD. see

( )12. There is going to be a good film at the ____.

A. stadiumB. cinemaC. officeD. school

( )13.My family usually go to the park together_____ Sunday .

A. inB. onC. atD. /

( )14.I would like to go to Beijing_____the morning of Monday .

A. inB. onC. atD. for

( )15 _____ is the first day of the week .

A. SaturdayB. SundayC. MondayD. Friday

( )16. Would you like something to drink?Yes,_____.

A. I would likeB. I would like toC. I wouldD. I like

( )17. He and his mother_____ going shopping.

A. isB. areC. beD. am

( )18. Jackie Chan is my _____ film star.

A. likeB. bestC. favoriteD. good

( )19. Would you like ____ water ?

A. someB. anyC. aD. a

( )20. Let me _____ the teacher to help answer the question.

A. askB. to askC. asksD. Asked


1、What does Sarah usually do on the weekend?

She usually ________ (看电视) .

2、What did you do on your holiday?

I went to Beijing and _______(拍照) there.

3、What is Mike doing now?

He is ____ (踢足球) on the playground.

4、Are you going to _______ (游泳) this afternoon?

No, we are going to have a picnic.

5、John is taller than Zhang Peng. But Zhang Peng is_____(强壮) than John.


1 . Look ! My sister ______ ( play ) with the toy cars .

2 . He______ ( get ) up at 6:30 every morning .

3 . Do they like ______(swim) ?

4 . Can you ______ (make ) a paper plane for me ?

5. I___________(go ) to Xinjing on my holiday last year.


1.where on you go your holiday did


2. matter with you whats the


3. the do you what on weekend do usually


4. you am than I taller


5. visit Im tomorrow my going grandparents to



A crow (乌鸦) wanted to drink some water but can't find any. He looks here and there. Then he cries out, "I can see a jar (罐子)and there is some water in it." He tries but fails to get the water. "How can I?" He thinks it over. " I can put my beak (鸟嘴) quite close to it. but still cannot drink the water. What can I do? I want to drink."

He looks here and there, and then he knows what to do. He picks up a small stone (石头)with his beak and drops it into the jar. "Soon the water will be high and I can drink it," says the crow.

Guess what? The water in the jar turns (变得) to be high enough to drink. The clever crow drinks the water finally.

( )1. What is the crow looking for?

A. A jarB. Some waterC. Some food

( )2.Why can't he drink the water right now? Because

A. the water is in the jar.B. he doesn't want to drink it.C. the water isn't high enough for him to drink.