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1. What _____ are your shoes?

2. Im 156 cm tall and 52 kg, My younger brother is 150 cm and 50 kg.So I am ______ and ____ than him.

3. John _____ the ball.

4. --- What did you do yesterday? --- I _____.

5. What ____ you usually do on the weekend? I usually go hiking.

6. _____ you ______ football last week? --- Yes, I did.

7. Li Ming and his friends read books ______ in the evening.

8. My brother is 2 cm shorter ____ me.

9. You ____ 164cm tall.

10. _____ did you go on your holiday? Shanghai.

11. My brother wrote a letter and _____ last night.

12. Did you ______ your mother ___ the room yesterday?

13. I usually get up ______ seven oclock in the morning.

14. I like drawing pictures and she______.

15. David is playing ______ football in the playground.








Amy: Where are you going this summer holiday?

John: Im going to Guilin.

Amy: Oh, I went there with my mom last summer holiday.

John: Really? How did you get there?

Amy: I went to Gunlin by train. I was excited on the train.

John: Im going there by plane.

Amy: Good idea. Who are you going with?

John: Im going with my parents.

Amy: Guilin is very beautiful, we were very happy on our trip. You will have a good time.

John: Thank you.


1.John is going to Guilin with his father and mother this summer holiday.(

2.Amy went there with her parents last year. ( )

3.Amy was sad to go there by train.()

4.John is going there by plane.()

5.Guilin is not beautiful.()


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