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Listening Part(听力部分)

一、Listen and number.(听音,标序号。)

二、Listen and tick.(听音,判断所听内容是否与图片一致,一致画T,不一致画F。)

三、Listen and choose.(听音,选出你所听到的词语或句子。)

( )1.A.climbingB. jumpingC. drinking( ) lunchB. watch TVC. do morning exercises( )3.A.Talk quietly!B. Keep to the right.C. Keep your desk clean!( )4.A.My father is playing with his dog.B.My father is playing football with his friends.( )5.A.What are you doing at the park?B. What are they doing at the park?

四、Listen and choose.(听问句,选择正确的答语, 把序号填在括号内。)

( ) 1. A. Theyre eating lunch.B. Hes eating dinner.( ) 2. A. Hes listening to music.B. She is having English class.( ) 3. A. Keep your desk clean.B. OK. Take turns.( ) 4. A. Talk quietly.B. Take turns.( ) 5. A.Yes, I am.B. Sure.

五、Listen and fill in the blanks(听一听,补全对话)。

Zhang Peng: Hello. This is ZhangPeng. Whos that?

Oliver: This is Oliver.

Zhang Peng: Hi, Oliver._____________?

Oliver: I am ___________________; What about you?

Zhang Peng: I am ________________now.

Oliver: Can you teach me___________ tomorrow?

Zhang Peng: Sure. I teach you Chinese and you teach me English.

Writing Part(笔试部分 )

六、Read and choose.(读一读,选出划线部分读音不同的一项。)

( ) 1. A. whatB. whereC. who( ) 2. A. singB. whoseC. long( ) 3. A. weatherB. waitC. thin( ) 4. A. whoseB. whoC. well( ) 5. A. motherB. whiteC. brother

七、Read and choose.(选出不同类的一项,并将序号填在题前括号内。)

( ) 1. A. go shoppingB. play sportsC. eating lunch( ) 2. A. go swimmingB. reading a bookC. listening to music( ) 3. A. firstB. secondC. drinking( ) 4. A. mineB. jumpingC. his( ) 5.A. take turnsB. having English classC. keep to the right

八、Choose the right answer.(单项选择。)

( )1. What are they doing ? --_________.

A. Its eating lunch.B. Theyre eating lunch.C. Theyre eat lunch.

( ) 2.Can we use your crayons? --__________.

A. Keep to the right.B. OK, take turns.C. Talk quietly.

( ) 3. He is talking in the library.--__________.

A. Talk quietly.B. Keep your desk clean.C. Work quietly.

( ) 4.Are you doing Kungfu? --- ____________

A.Yes, I am.B. Im cooking rice.C. Sure .

( ) 5.Whats the little monkey doing? --- --- ____________

A.Theyre so cute.B. Theyre playing.C.Its playing with its mother .

九、Fill in the blanks with the following words.(选词填空)

It is Sunday today. We are at home. My mother is_______ the

dishes in the kitchen. My father is ________the flowers in the garden.

My grandpa is_______ TV in the living room. I am________

in the study. What is my cat doing? She is __________ a fish in

the kitchen. Everyone is ___________.

十、Make sentences.(连词成句,注意首字母大写及标点符号。)

1. Mike what doing is (?)


2. drinking the elephant is water ( . )


3. My brother is doing Kungfu ( . )


4. are we an English class having ( . )


5. clean desk keep your ( . )


十一、Choose the right answer.(读一读,从右栏里找出答语,将序号填在括号内。)

( ) 1. What is ChenJie doing ? A. Keep to the right. ( ) 2. What are you doing? B. Theyre eating dinner. ( ) 3. When you are walking on the bridge. C. No, she isnt. ( ) 4. Is she cooking? D. She is listening to music. ( ) 5. What are they doing? E. Im drawing a picture. 十二、Read and finish.阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。

It's fine today. The sun is in the sky. Mr Green and his family are in the park. Mr and Mrs Green are standing under the trees and looking at their children. Ann is flying a kite. The boy in a white shirt and blue trousers is her brother. He's reading a book . Ann's younger brother is too young. He can't walk and run. He's drinking milk. Ann's sister isn't in the park. She is at school.


( )1.There are five people in Ann's family.

( )2.Ann is reading a book.

( )3.Ann's sister is a student.

( )4.Ann's brother is flying a kite.

( )5.Ann has two brothers.


Mr and Mrs Green are _______________. Ann is ________________. Her brother is ________________ and her younger brother is ________________. Anns sister is ______________.